Tuesday, June 21, 2011


have not been updating my blog since friday
many things happened in these 4 days
find everything so challenging for me
but don't worry, I'm in super OK status now
will update the posts one by one when I'm free
this week is gonna to be a busy week for me
as there will be a mid term exam on Wed
& my group members are starting our assignment tomorrow

let's start with the story happened this morning
the incident took place at Institut Perguruan Darulaman, Jitra ( IPDA )
why was I there?
well, I followed my uncle, 2 aunties & my grandma to send my cousin there to study
as usual, I wore my singlet with short pants & a long jacket
that was how I got insulted
3 Malay females lecturers/workers talked to me in a rude way :
" Ah moi, kamu pelajar sinikah? "
- Tidak, saya hantar orang saja. -
" Kenapa kamu pakai macam ni?!
Kita orang sakit mata tengok kamu pakai macam tu!
Baik kamu tinggalkan kampus sekarang.
Kita tak mahu tengok kamu sini! "
for my friends who don't know malay well,
those 3 brainless Malay females said that
I'm like prostitute from China coming to Malaysia to work!
maybe I shouldn't wear short pants to the campus, but .......
the way they talked really pissed me off
I wondered what the hell education were they receiving there?
they showed no manner at all!
no wonder there was lots of them getting so disappointed with our government
felt ashamed of myself too for crying an hour just because of that
did have bad mood for the whole morning
but I was completely okay after crying out

it's not worth to get angry of them since they can't think with their brain
or I should say they are brainless? 
I'm always a strong & proud girl
I don't care how others view me
especially those rude gangs ( I didn't specify which race here :p )
I always live happily no matter how
I have parents & friends who support me always
thanks to everyone who accompanied me this morning
happy to have u guys in my life

just to mention this matter in this post
I have learnt my lesson ->
cover all my body parts whenever I go to any government school/campus/university
& I swear I'll never step into IPDA anymore in my life!

stay tune for my new posts

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