Monday, April 9, 2012

To everyone I love :)

Saying hello to 9th April morning!

I woke up late this morning, still having light headache until now


Going back to last night, I watched the movie "I love HK 2012"
A funny & idiot movie but it was a touching one!

It earned my tears a lot when I watched to the end

and it made me thinking of the problem that my ex-classmate in college is facing now
I didn't know what happened so clearly,
can only roughly guess on my own based on the post in her blog
& all those posts by others on her FB page
I guessed her bro had left her & her family (according to one of the post by a friend)
I know the feeling of losing the beloved one, it really hurts
Same situation happened to me during the past two years too
I lost 2 cousins in 2010 & 2011!
both during Chinese New Year, one was drowned & one met with the car accident
kinda shocked, I still remembered that my aunty came & visit me before the bad news last year
in not more than half an hour, I received call from another aunty saying that one cousin left us again
Not kidding or what, I just wanna let my friend to know that
people don't alive no matter how sad u are
be strong & live the best, I think this is the best way to console those who passed away
they have no more chances, so why don't we appreciate everything while we still have the opportunity?
and I'm doing this always as I promised to my grandma who had passed away 7 years ago
I love everyone around me & I let them know that I love them
I know I might get serious hurt or fall badly sometimes
but I never regret of everything I do & every decision I make
when I make mistakes, I correct them myself
I don't hide myself to escape from the problems, that's why I can always smile so freely
Time waits for no one, so let's do everything we want today
Don't keep giving excuses to yourself until u miss all the chances

I have no time & no energy for those who don't love me
I use all my times to appreciate those I love and seriously,
there are too many of them! :p
so tell me, how am I going squeeze out time for those who don't love me?
Daddy Mummy, I love u! (always loving both of u no matter how)
Iverson, I love u! (for loving me always even when I'm notty)
Uncle ken, I love u for all the advice & time for me!
(hope u can escape from that scary queen soon, I don't like her seriously :p )
Bro, I love u too only if u apologize to me & know your own mistakes!
(not going to bother u until u do so, I'm f'king serious about this!)

Relatives, I love u! (except few of them :p)

Friends, I love u! (Thanks for always by my side when I need u)
Mr. P, I love u too though u hurt me so badly!
(thanks for all the sweet memories & be happy with your honey always)

End of the post & I'm going to have my breakfast now
almost starve to death after loving so many of u XD

Sunday, April 8, 2012

1st post of April :)

It's April!
too much sad memories recently that stopped my brain to function well
my mood was infected seriously, tears keep dropping down without noticed
but I gave myself a due date - 3 days
I cried, I shouted & I was emo to the max within these3 days
Now everything settled and I'm able to come back to my blog world again 
learnt quite a lesson from this incident
and found out that it didn't worth me to lose so damn much precious tears
"those who worth would not make me cry", I say this to my friends always
yet I just finally understand this sentence well now
not too bad, late is better than never :p
happily, I get the naughty & cheerful me back
*clap clap for myself*

Take this chance to thank & apologize to those who really care about me
sorry to make u guys worrying all these days
I know that I'm a stubborn one but u guys just never give up of me
sincerely, I appreciate all of u much
which I meant here are those friends in real life & also friends in game
I feel support & love from u guys, A BIG BIG THANK YOU
can hardly find suitable words to express my thank to all of u
I promise I'll try my very best to love myself 
and as well, I love only those who really worth :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Not in the mood today :(
thought to discuss something with my mum but was scolded badly
I told her that I planned to learn about hairdressing
and just after I finished my sentence, she started to shout at me!
WTF >.<
she said I wasted 3 years to study about hotel management
yet I want to start with another one new thing I didn't learn before
come on, I just wanna learn new things.......
I still get salary although the amount is not that much
but she just............................


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 1st post in 2012

It's the last day of Jan in 2012 and finally I'm back to my bloggie again
too many sad cases happened since Nov 2011,
so I chose to abandon my bloggie for quite some time
BUT now, everything settled!
CONGRATZ to myself for leaving all those annoying stuffs 

Rumors about me was quite bothering recently
The bitches & the sons of bitch seemed never get bored in talking bad about others
They enjoyed spreading untrue stories about me, especially that particular BITCH
SHIT! She pretended to be concerned about me but I just got to know that
she is the one keep stabbing me from my back!!!!
She said I had messy relationships with one of my ex-boyfriend's brother
but the fact was, the latest 4 ex-boyfriends of mine are the only boy at home
So I can just say that, Sibu people have great imagination to make up stories!
Not only that, sshe said my photos were cheap & hoped others to agree with her
She's really scary enough!!!! She's fake enough!!!!
And one thing was quite funny:
She SMS me last night to tell me that she was unhappy & sad
because of people saying bad words behind her =.=
kinda funny, right???!!!!
She asked me why famous people like us have to suffer from the rumors
STOP, she is the one who wants to be famous, not me!
I hide at home watching drama everyday if no one finds me out for tea
I don't go out to socialize everyday or make friends only with the rich
But at last I still consoled her & asked her not to care too much about what others said
YA, I admitted I'm a double-faced person too :p

Another bitch, ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine
She is the one who dumped my friend but she accused me for being the 3rd party between them!
I don't know whether there's problem with her brain or whatever reasons
She kept blaming others to ruin her relationship with my friend
and unluckily I'm the one who got the most shoots from her

Hey! If I really want to grab her boyfriend, I'd have sticking with him everyday!
but the fact was that I meet with him not more than 5 times within these 2 months

and everytime we met was for dinner purpose!!!!

I don't think my act of having dinner with my friend is wrong!

She wrote this to shoot me in Facebook
well, I have nothing to say about her post
I don't blame her for shooting me like this as others shoot me the same too
That's why I don't like to stay at the small place like here
People are getting too free and so they keep spreading rumors about others
Maybe I'm quite over sometimes, but I'm with my close friends
they don't mind & so do I
PEOPLE, just fuck off if u don't like my style

I didn't force u people to like me!

Another guy, truly the son of bitch
I don't know where he got my phone number
due to the polite issue, I replied him and chatted with him
but what happened at last was, he scolded me for being proud
for replying his messages late
for not going out with him
it's chinese new year & I'm busy visiting friends!
what the point for me to keep replying his messages?!
he was not my boyfriend or close friend either!
I felt really pity for his parents to give birth of such brainless son!

These 3 persons really made me pissed off
but still I enjoyed my chinese new year because of other good friends
met with quite long lost friends this year & we did spend wonderful time together
for those who don't like me, just continue hating me if u wish so
I won't care or mind the words as there's still many friends who support me always
just a sentence for those who spread rumors about me
& I'm gonna write this in chinese as my English is not that good
"如果把我的名声弄臭可以让你们的自尊心好受一点,那我不介意让你们继续这样做 :p"

Just these much for today's post, I'm going for hair straightening tomorrow
I still live my life well no matter how :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


sorry for being rude but I just can't bear with that anymore
I need to express everything here or else I'll go crazy for sure
granny & auntie stayed at my place since Sunday night
and this started my panic life..
as you guys know, it's hard to communicate with old folks sometimes
I'm facing the same problem as well for these few days
not complaining my granny purposely but just to tell u guys about my feeling
I didn't actually like my granny much since I was still a child
I still respect her if she isn't too over in her acts
not having any choices, I've to do so as I don't wish her to say bad words about my mummy
my granny enjoys talking bad words behind others!
she even talked bad bout her own daughter in front of others which is actually unreal!
she loves only her 2nd & 3rd daughter but treats her 1st daughter like nobody
I just can't figure out what she is thinking in her mind
I knew that she did talk something bad about my mummy too
BUT I can tell u guys that, my mummy respects her a lot!
she treats granny like how she treats her own mother
but granny doesn't seem appreciating at all
I simply hate such kind of people much
and now is my auntie's turn, u know what she did?
I got fed up with her just now!
she said she didn't know the way to operate a DVD player!
WTH is that??????? She knows to use complicated programmes in computer,
but not knowing the way to operate a DVD player?!
she must be kidding!
guys, please tell me that she is just kidding with me >.<
I was busy-ing with my stuffs when the incident happened
mummy & bro were on-calling with daddy so NO CHOICE AGAIN
I'm the only one to help, I know it's just a simple task
I'm willing to help if she asks me to since she is my elders
but the reason was really too RIDICULOUS!
not going to write more since they won't change their attitude
so I'll just stop here & decide to keep quite
mummy gets so stressed whenever granny & 3rd auntie stay at our place
they will leave on Thurs & I just hope the time passes faster  :(

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Hair New Mood ♥

I had my hair cut this afternoon and this is my new hairstyle
kinda short, right? It's even shorter than the first time I cut my hair short last year
another try on short hairstyle & I love it really much!
thanks a lot to Allan for giving my "grass" a new life
just can't find a proper word to describe my mood now
but don't worry, it's positive
I'm having super good mood after the hair cut
Short Hair, love love :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi, Oct :)

It's the 10th day of Oct & I'm here to say hello to my friends
sorry for abandoning my bloggie for quite a long time
there's no time for me to online too often as before
I've been busy hanging out everyday since I came back from KL
but no worries, I always remember to rest myself well
I'm fully-charged after hiding at home for 3 days
(felt guilty for telling lies to some friends & rejecting your dates)
I'm not robot, so I need some rest!
I'm available for dates after today :)
but please allow me to OFF for at least a day in a week
I should be enjoying myself, not torturing myself during my long holidays, right?

by the way, I would like to keep some friends updates with my latest status in Sibu :)
weight : keep gaining more & more
height : remaining the same
mood : keep changing but mostly I'm in happy mood
relationship : still single but always surrounding by the "flies" as usual
thinking : 30% mature 70% childish, prefer to think & act like little kid :p
just call or SMS me if anyone of you want to keep in touch with me
don't get angry if I reply late, I promise I'll try to reply in shortest time
that's all for the post tonight
stay tune for more new posts :)