Monday, April 9, 2012

To everyone I love :)

Saying hello to 9th April morning!

I woke up late this morning, still having light headache until now


Going back to last night, I watched the movie "I love HK 2012"
A funny & idiot movie but it was a touching one!

It earned my tears a lot when I watched to the end

and it made me thinking of the problem that my ex-classmate in college is facing now
I didn't know what happened so clearly,
can only roughly guess on my own based on the post in her blog
& all those posts by others on her FB page
I guessed her bro had left her & her family (according to one of the post by a friend)
I know the feeling of losing the beloved one, it really hurts
Same situation happened to me during the past two years too
I lost 2 cousins in 2010 & 2011!
both during Chinese New Year, one was drowned & one met with the car accident
kinda shocked, I still remembered that my aunty came & visit me before the bad news last year
in not more than half an hour, I received call from another aunty saying that one cousin left us again
Not kidding or what, I just wanna let my friend to know that
people don't alive no matter how sad u are
be strong & live the best, I think this is the best way to console those who passed away
they have no more chances, so why don't we appreciate everything while we still have the opportunity?
and I'm doing this always as I promised to my grandma who had passed away 7 years ago
I love everyone around me & I let them know that I love them
I know I might get serious hurt or fall badly sometimes
but I never regret of everything I do & every decision I make
when I make mistakes, I correct them myself
I don't hide myself to escape from the problems, that's why I can always smile so freely
Time waits for no one, so let's do everything we want today
Don't keep giving excuses to yourself until u miss all the chances

I have no time & no energy for those who don't love me
I use all my times to appreciate those I love and seriously,
there are too many of them! :p
so tell me, how am I going squeeze out time for those who don't love me?
Daddy Mummy, I love u! (always loving both of u no matter how)
Iverson, I love u! (for loving me always even when I'm notty)
Uncle ken, I love u for all the advice & time for me!
(hope u can escape from that scary queen soon, I don't like her seriously :p )
Bro, I love u too only if u apologize to me & know your own mistakes!
(not going to bother u until u do so, I'm f'king serious about this!)

Relatives, I love u! (except few of them :p)

Friends, I love u! (Thanks for always by my side when I need u)
Mr. P, I love u too though u hurt me so badly!
(thanks for all the sweet memories & be happy with your honey always)

End of the post & I'm going to have my breakfast now
almost starve to death after loving so many of u XD

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